The Complete Software Developer’s Career Guide

There is a wide variety of books on any number of subjects, programming and software development are no exceptions to this rule, you can easily pick up a thousand page textbook from your local library and attempt to glean some measure of information from within. The problem with this, is that the information is usually […]

Kotlin is officially here, what is it?

On the 17th of May, the android development scene changed drastically as we saw Kotlin gain first class support from Google, while this language has been available to the public through a plugin, it is only recently that this new language has been officially endorsed by Google for future Android development, but what does this […]

How to setup Bootstrap

If you’ve started working with HTML, you’ve probably used CSS before, this allows you to style whatever HTML you’re working on to your hearts content. Custom CSS can take a while however, especially if you have to plug in line after line of code just to specify what size you want your columns to be, […]