How to decide which web host to settle on when you’re starting your own blog or website

If you’re looking to start blogging or set up a website for your own purposes, you’ve probably realized you need to find yourself a host for your new site! Fortunately, there are plenty of options, and while some might seem appealing at first glance, there are some hosts that will give you cause to regret in the future.

Most web hosts have a deal for new clients, you can find many hosts are offering plans on a monthly basis of around 3-4USD, however none of these are actually purchasable on a monthly basis as they require the customer to buy a package that might span for many years.

A popular example of this is Blue Host, they offer a fine service at a discount price of 2.95USD/month for a new site, they provide a large amount of web space compared to competitor’s, however this is at the cost of speed, as they charge different rates for different hardware at a wide price, the only problem with this is, is that to access the 2.95$ special price one must purchase a 3 year bundle, this requires a lot of commitment, and for most people this will probably turn you off from starting a blog that you might be interested in.

Blue Host is also known for increasing their costs when it comes to things like renewal rates, as well as plan prices without informing their customers, so if you book up with them, remember to check your statements as it’s very possible on a regular basis they will increase their prices on all aspects that they charge, including additional privacy features that you may not have asked for.

On top of that, Blue Host does not offer wordpress unless you purchase the 12$ per month package, wordpress is a critical ally in the fight for a great looking website that doesn’t require too much work. It allows you to choose different themes and work them based on your preferences, you can get totally free themes that look great, or purchase premium themes that come fully equipped with functional storefront features and much more.

When starting a new website, its critical that you don’t have to invest too much into it headfirst, as it can quickly sour the experience, and while most hosts do not offer any sales when it comes to starting a website on a monthly basis, you can find some great hosts that offer WordPress, have great speed, and offer special discounts to first time customers on a 1 year contract.

After much research I eventually settled on Siteground, a host that offers impressive speeds, great security and WordPress at a competitive cost on your first years contract

Siteground’s basic plan has a strong selection for a very low price, on top of this, they have an amazingly rated customer service team that operates 24/7, as well as a good reputation for price honesty, and for a new website that services under ten thousand people per month, it is a great option that could save you a great deal of stress, and its extremely easy to change plans with them as your audience grows larger.

They offer impressive security, which is essential if you plan to sell any products on your website, or any consumer or client information, as well as SSD storage, which through industry testing of website response speed has rated nearly top consistently, and if you need to support multiple websites its incredibly easy with a plan as cheap as 15$ a month for previous customers with no sale.

The cherry on the top is their referral program, with a few clicks of a button, you can become a Siteground affiliate, they provide you with banners that you can put on your website to refer those looking for a web host, starting at 50$ per referral increasing as you get more per month. This method could allow you to remove pesky advertisements from things like google adsense that might turn off many people.

For users looking for a secure, cheap, and stress free web host, I recommend through words and action Siteground

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