The Complete Software Developer’s Career Guide

There is a wide variety of books on any number of subjects, programming and software development are no exceptions to this rule, you can easily pick up a thousand page textbook from your local library and attempt to glean some measure of information from within. The problem with this, is that the information is usually suitable to a small audience, especially considering those who are new to programming and software development, it can be extremely daunting to try to find any sort of book to read on the subject.

Aside from pure coding, there are a wide variety of skills that a programmer must acquire to be successful in the industry, to be competitive, when it comes to job hunting you have to come out near the top, and there are very few books that will help you on this subject, however one that I have found to be exceptionally useful is John Sonmez’ “The Complete Software Developer’s Career Guide: How to Learn Programming Languages Quickly, Ace Your Programming Interview, and Land Your Software Developer Dream Job

Now, who is John Sonmez? Hes an very successful software developer who has worked with Hewlett Packard, and who has published one of the highest number of software development courses on the popular learning platform “Pluralsight”, he retired early and has since been running the popular Simple Programmer website / youtube channel, where you can find him posting every day content that is extremely useful for those who consider software development important to them.

Along with his other book, Soft Skills: The software developer’s life manual , John Sonmez goes through a litany of subjects that are meant to enhance many attributes that are crucial in the modern world, both books are extremely useful for both beginners and programming veterans, for those who are beginning, John lays out a process that will allow you to start with nothing, all the way to to how to prepare for interviews, how to find opportunities, how to learn new technologies quickly, and even how to land your very first programming job, knocking aside the problem of “requires experiences to get experience”.

John details the experience of working as a software developer, what different kind technologies offer, how they’re used, and how they employ people, there is an entire section of the book dedicated to going through a number of general sectors of software development, which is extremely useful for beginners and even intermediates who can benefit greatly from some scope, giving them a chance to peer into the professional world and know what actually goes on under the hood, as I know I needed to see when I began.

Now, the great thing about The Complete Software Developer’s Career Guide: How to Learn Programming Languages Quickly, Ace Your Programming Interview, and Land Your Software Developer Dream Job is that it is not only a technical book, but a general life skills book, and inside John describes working as a developer, and the soft skills needed to ensure you succeed.

Dealing with coworkers, your boss, working with QA, any number of subjects that don’t rely on your skill of coding that you can do in the safety of your house, these are things that many people have trouble with, as we learn from experience, many people have trouble dealing with their bosses for example, and inside this book John emparts crucial knowledge that will help anyone of any programming status.

The book is like a font of knowledge, being a specialist vs a generalist, how to negotiate a raise or a higher wage, how to dress (something some people don’t realize is important!), how to deal with leadership, how to create a reputation for yourself, everything from a budding programmer’s first steps to how to succeed in the workplace, and life, as a proper work life balance is necessary, something that John covers in the book.

He continues in depth into how to advance your career in the software development field, something that any programmer could benefit from, and as the title suggests, this book is definitely a complete manual on all things software development, and in concert with Soft Skills: The software developer’s life manual John Sonmez has delivered us a true manual on how to succeed as a software developer, along with every soft skill needed to compete in the modern world.

Something that cannot be understated is that John Sonmez also has a Software developer’s toolkit, that comes with a purchase of the book, he provides a number of resources within that can provide a great amount of use, it includes salary negotiation tools, interview crash courses, job hunt action plans and many more.

I bought this book eagerly the moment it came out, and I was not disappointed! This thing is a 800 page hunk of paper and wisdom, on a kindle you can get it at an exceptional price

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